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By Hugo LassiègeFeb 19, 20243 min read

I've been writing blog posts since 2006. I've gone through self-hosted wordpress, SAAS wordpress, medium, joomla (yep...) and finally switched to a static blog generator made with Nuxt-content.

You can benefit from my experience and work by using Bloggrify to do the same.

I made this decision to migrate to nuxt-content in 2022, and I have absolutely no regrets about this choice.

After 2 years of use, I love:

  • ✅ the flexibility I have over the layout. I've already changed my content several times, adding multilanguage in 2023 for example.
  • ✅ the cost. I only pay the cost of the comment system (5€/month) and the domain name, everything else is free.
  • ✅ the carbon footprint. Hosting static pages consumes fewer resources than a permanent process that listens to HTTP requests.
  • ✅ the playground it represents for me. I'm originally a backend developer, but this blog has enabled me to keep a close eye on front-end technologies (tailwind, nuxt, build tools, netlify etc...).

But I know from experience that sometimes, it's pretty painful to get started with these tools.
Whether it's Next.js, Hugo, Gatsby, Nuxt-content, Gridsome, Jekyll etc., getting your foot in the door and creating a complete blog application can take time to assemble.

First of all, I wouldn't recommend tools that don't use markdown templating (or asciidoc), but then you'll need :

  • properly configure syntax highlighting and markdown tools
  • an RSS feed
  • a sitemap
  • a robots.txt file
  • a commenting system
  • table of contents management
  • share buttons
  • analytics
  • correct responsive design (without having to be a front-end specialist)
  • all the little tricks that guarantee correct SEO (good meta, twitter cards, open graph, google speed perfs etc...)
  • a newsletter system

And in my experience, putting all this together, even for a dev, is easily several hours or days of work.

It's a good thing I've been working on my own blog, and I'd like you to take advantage of the time I've spent on it. I've just released Bloggr which is a blog template built on top of Nuxt. You can use it as is to benefit from all the above features.

Bloggr home page
Bloggr home page

You can see a demo version at

I created this blog application because I know how fastidious it is to assemble all the bricks needed to have an SEO-efficient blog, with a clean, accessible, responsive design, with features already integrated (comment system, rss feed, newsletter, sitemap etc...).

All this work, which can take days, I'll spare you - and it's free.

However, if you consider that you've really saved time with this template, for your own blog or for your learning of Nuxt, you might consider supporting this work. It's optional, but it will be much appreciated.

The first option is to offer me a virtual coffee representing the value of the time you've saved.

Buy me a coffee

But you can also contribute in other ways:

  • by talking about this project on social networks, on your blog, with your colleagues.
  • by giving this project a star on github
  • by contributing to the open source project to improve it

Please note that 10% of all profits will be donated to the Unicef Foundation, an organization that helps children in need around the world.

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Written by Hugo Lassiège

Software Engineer with more than 20 years of experience. I love to share about technologies and startups

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